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12 Swoon-Worthy Long Layered Hairstyles & Haircuts You Have To Try

  • #1 Long Natural Layered

    This look was created by Josh Nichols, owner and stylist of Kink and Notch salons. Here’s what he had to say about it:

    “This color was achieved with a technique called balayage. The highlights are hand-painted to give an end result that is seamless and low maintenance. Long layers allow for natural movement. I love the way the red tones in the highlight make her green eyes pop!”

    Recommended Products:

    I used Bumble and bumble products for this look. I started with Hairdressers Invisible Oil Primer, All Style Blowdry, and Straight. I finished with Hairdressers Invisible Oil Dry Oil Finishing Spray.

    Best Face Shape and Hair Type:

    This look will work well for literally everyone, and the color compliments green and blue eyes beautifully.


    Product is your friend! Always use products with heat protectants in them like the ones mentioned above when heat styling, especially when using a flat iron.

  • #2 Dark Layered Curls

    Off-center parted hair that is curled backwards to reveal a beautiful face is a universally flattering look. The curled layered look really gives incredible movement.

    Beautiful Off Center Parted Hair Long Layered Look

    Hot Off The Press by Paul Mitchell is a great thermal protection spray that has flexible hold.
    Long face shapes should be extra careful when sporting this hairstyle. Make sure to create as much width as possible using curls on the sides of the face.

  • #3 Dark Layered Curls

    Volume…everywhere. This layered hairstyle is all about facial framing and bringing attention to the facial features. A deep, rich hair color can really make this look rock.

    Bombshell Thick Lush Brunette Locks

    Prep wet hair with Paul Mitchell’s Extra-Body Sculpting Foam before blow drying. This is a great way to get a head start on achieving volume.
    This beautiful hairstyle is sure to make any face shape with any hair type turn heads.

  • #4 Zesty Highlights and Swirls

    Big, bouncy and smooth curls with ribbons of bright orange highlights make this hairstyle stand out in a crowd. This hairstyle can be mixed with varying length layers to lighten the curls.

    Zesty Swirls Long Highlighted Layered Wavy Look

    Hold Me Tight by Paul Mitchell is a flexible hold spray that dries fast without stiffness.

    This hairstyle will flatter longer shapes as it has its volume concentrated on the sides of the face. Hair that is straight to wavy will easily be able to style this way.

  • #5 Beach Waves Style

    Get texture you’d get from going to the beach, without having to go to the beach. This style incorporates some magnificent brown hair color with highlights. The longer locks are well complimented with the coloring and the swept bangs are a perfect finish.

    Beach Waves Long Tousled Layers Casual Style

    Beach Waves Long Tousled Layers Casual Style - Front View

    Try Texturizing Sea Spray by Paul Mitchell’s Awapuhi Wild Ginger Line for a touchable beachy texture.
    No matter what your face shape or hair type is, you will look great with a beach wave hairstyle.

  • #6 Date Hair

    Soft and feminine layered waves with warm, natural-looking hair highlights that are 2-3 shades lighter than the base color give this look a natural beauty. There is a perfect balance of coloring to really enhance this look.

    Date Hair Long Layered Look Soft Side PartDate Hair Long Layered Look Soft - Side View

    Paul Mitchell’s Super CleanSspray will not only add flexible hold to your style, but also fullness and texture.
    Straight to wavy hair will look incredible with this style.

  • #7 Side Bun

    Quick, easy and so chic. This side ponytail is perfect for any upscale event with its radiant red hair color. It is important here to backcomb the layered hair into the ponytail to not have loose strands.
    Lightly backcomb the ponytail to make it appear fuller.

    Side Bun Funky Style for Red HairSide Bun Funky Style for Red Hair - Side View

    Try Smooth flyaways with Paul Mitchell’s Soft Spray with this look.

    This hairstyle will be a breeze to do for women with naturally curly hair or curls from the previous day. For wider shapes, leave some pieces out or do a deeper side part hairstyle to give the illusion of length.

  • #8 Ocean Waves Hairstyle

    Get beach waves minus the saltwater matte finish. Have your hair shine like the glisten of the sun on ocean waves. Layered hair and waves are a great compliment to each other and when paired with color like this alluring red tone,

    Ocean Wave Auburn Layered Waves with Shine

    Paul Mitchell’s Gloss Drops give an illuminating shine while taming frizz.
    The way the hair drapes over part of the face can make a wide face shape with any hair type appear narrower.

  • #9 Retro Glamour Hairstyle

    This luscious red finger wave style is the epitome of glamour. Pushing the layered hair to one side adds so much drama. The best thing about this style? You don’t have to do a finger wave! Although this reddish-purple hair color might not be for everyone, it does have give the style some pizzazz.

    Retro Glamour Styled Waves Side PartRetro Glamour Styled Waves Side Part - View 2

    Smooth flyaways and detail the style more with Paul Mitchell’s Soft Spray.
    This style will work best on straight to wavy hair.

  • #10 Volume, Layers, and Color

    When it comes to a style with longer layers this one is excellent at using 3 elements; the volume, the placement of hair color, and the cut and style. Having darker pieces underneath creates dimension and gives the appearance of fullness. The layered ends really stand out with so light curling.

    Having lengthy layers allows movement in the hair without removing too much weight. The style itself turns up the volume even more.

    Long Blonde Casual Straight Style with Waves

    For shine that won’t weight your hair down, mist some of Paul Mitchell’s Shine Spray.
    The waves and their placement will soften and flatter a square face shape.

  • #11 Modern Bouffant Hair

    Did you hit the snooze button a lot this morning? Don’t allow yourself to have a bad hair day just because you’re running late and don’t have time to wash and blow dry your hair. For anyone looking for a hairstyle for proms, weddings, and other classy events, this one is a must to consider.
    Make it to your destination fabulously on time with this modern bouffant. It works best on hair that is at least a day old dirty.

    Modern Bouffant Fun Half Updo with Dramatic HighlightsModern Bouffant Fun Half Updo with Dramatic Highlights - Side View

    Extra-Body Firm Finishing Spray by Paul Mitchell holds the style in place and also gives it shine.
    The height created by the backcombing and the side swept fringe will make a wider shape appear narrower.

  • #12 Mademoiselle

    These delicate, barely-there waves are youthful and very feminine. Longer locks with a touch of waves from top to bottom produce a look for any occasion.

    Mademoiselle Long Delicate Waves Long Brunette Hair

    To get touchable texture, try Paul Mitchell’s Spray Wax.

    Round and square face shapes with any hair type will look amazing in this style. The length of the hair, the minimal width created on the sides by the waves, the deep side part and the side swept fringe all elongate the face. Straight to wavy hair is best to achieve this look.

    Long hairstyles don’t have to be plain and boring. Having lengthened layers makes your hair so versatile. Take advantage of it and rock one of these long layered hairstyles!

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