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15 short bob haircuts for women

Almost every day a new version of the haircut is added to the list of short bob style , It was trendy decades ago and still ruling this modern age and hopefully it will be trendy in the distant future as well.

The short bob is especially popular with those who love to stay fashionable while spending less time and effort on it. The variations of the Bob hairdo are also commendably adorable. So, there are several options for you that you can adapt to yours. Compliments you can try Bob are bang, page separation, coloring and so on.

In this guide we show you versatile ideas to design your own short bob hairstyle.

1. Middle Parting Short Bob Haircut

This is the classic, short-cut bob hairstyle in dark hair. You may not need to add ornaments on your hair to make it look stunning.

2. Short bob hairstyle with layers

The back on your short bob with brown contrast ombre hair is absolutely gorgeous.

3. Short pink bob hairstyle

The end nervous peach pink short bob hairstyle is the cutest.

4. Short Bob haircut

The beautiful ombre blonde short bob is the classic. It will meet any occasion.

5. Best Short Blonde Bob Haircut

The Rockstar Blonde Short Bob will give you all the attention. You can think about it!

6. Shaved neck Bob

The bob hairstyle includes recently the shaved neck. It is the updated version that suits every type of hair.

7. Edgy Short Bob

Celebrate an edgy look with this haircut. Looks great with casual outfits at any random event.

8. Vanessa Hudgens Short Hair

9. Kaley Cuoco Layered Short Bob

10. Inverted burgundy Bob

11. wavy hair

12. Blonde chin length Bob

13. Bob cut

14. Layered Wavy Short Bob

15. Bob cut rear view

16. Fine hair

17. Short Bob for older women

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