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50 Best Curly Pixie Cut Ideas that Flatter Your Face Shape

50 Best Curly Pixie Cut Ideas that Flatter Your Face Shape

Nis 29, 2017
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What can be more adorable, sweet and classy all in one than a curly pixie cut? We love long locks, but sometimes a sassy short ‘do can look even more fabulous. Fortunately, there are curly pixie cut ideas that are suitable for any frame, regardless if you have a round, square or oval face shape. If your hair is naturally curly, this might be the best new haircut for you to try out. Even if your hair wasn’t blessed to be curly, you can easily style pixie cuts into waves or curls. Even more so, fairy hair is a beloved new trend that we’re crazy about. Considered to be the pixie equivalent of mermaid hair, fairy hair means that you can play around with lush pastel shades for a cute and sexy look. If you’re in a lack of inspiration, we have prepared our top 30 curly pixie cut hairstyles for this year. Check all of them out below and see which one suits the shape of your face for a daring makeover!

1. Natural Waves

natural curly pixie cut

We’re used to associating pixie cuts with edgy, bad girl looks. However, it all depends on the styling. Your curly pixie cut can look marvelously elegant if you go for a natural, wavy look. Simplicity is key.

2. Curly Pixie Cut Mohawk with Bangs

Curly Pixie Cut Mohawk with Bangs

If you want a bit more edge in your life, you can bring in the razor and shave your way to a gorgeous undercut. To maintain a feminine touch, leave the top part longer with curly bangs and let them fall naturally across your forehead.

3. Between Pixie and Bob

pixie cut bob hair

Not quite sure if you should chop your locks to a bob ora pixie cut? You can always go halfway. This kind of look can ease your transition to a curly pixie cut without going super short from the beginning. It’s natural and lovely in every way.

4. Short Hair Don’t Care

short curly hair

Natural curls look absolutely stunning when left to bounce around in the perfect curly pixie cut. You don’t need to get to complicated with this one – don’t have your side and let your small curls embrace every inch of your head.

5. Vintage Diva

short retro hairstyle

You can still rock a curly pixie cut even if your hair isn’t all corkscrews curls. If it’s a bit way at the ends, cut it short for an Audrey Hepburn-inspired style. This looks wonderful for ladies with rounder faces.

6. Long Curly Pixie Cut

Long Curly Pixie Cut

This longer curly pixie cut has a similar impact to 4, just that it’s more adaptable. Considering that your strands are a bit longer, you can have fun styling it in various different ways. If you don’t want anything complicated, let it naturally frame your face.

7. Beach Hair

platinum blonde curly pixie cut

Love waves both in the ocean and in your hair? Let it go wild with this beachy look that has fun, fresh and funky written all over it. You can keep a side part and let the rest of your hair go crazy in all directions. It’s flirty and beautiful in so many ways.

8. Wavy & Classy

short wavy hair cut

Sophisticated gals can opt for a longer pixie that’s more wavy than curly. If you have a small face, you can let a few strands creep over your ears and on your forehead for a fuller look.

9. Boyish Chic

grey pixie hair cut

Do it like a dude with style! You have to admit that gray hair is all the rage right now, so why not level up and cut it into a playful pixie? It requires minimum styling to look cool, effortless and super chic.

10. Dark Roots, Silver Glam

dark roots silver hair

If alternative is your style, you have to try out this kind of curly pixie cut. Leave your roots dark and dye the top part in a brilliant shade of silver grey. Add a bit of mousse and style it casually for a fantastic impact.

11. Audrey Tautou Fringe

audrey tautou short hair fringe bangs

Who didn’t fall irrevocably in love with the leading actress after watching Amélie? We sure did. Audrey Tautou took our breath away with her nonconformist beauty and for rocking fringe bangs like nobody else.

12. Big Curls

big curls and short hair

Marilyn Monroe would be proud. The fusion between a bob and a pixie cut looks absolutely jaw-dropping if you rock some big curls with it. Stock up on hairspray and try this curly pixie cut idea for you.

13. Steel Pink

steel pink short curly hair

There’s something about pink hair that we’re crazy about. Nevertheless, one of our favorite shades of pink is this steel-ish shade that makes the look more ‘wearable’. Oh, and because it looks awesome with a curly pixie cut.

14. Pixie with Braided Crown

short silver hair with braided crown

Behold the beauty of the braided crown! Ladies with curly pixie cut styles can rock a crown braid like no other, especially if they’re the free spirit type.

15. Long Mohawk

long curly mohawk

We love mohawks, but we’re also aware that you need to get the top length right for it to be easily styled. This is the perfect example of how you can take your curly pixie cut to the next level without a lot of hassle.

16. Curly Pixie Ombre

curly pixie red ombre

Don’t worry, ombre is still as hot and trendy as ever. For a fresh summer look, try a light red hombre with a curly pixie cut and faded sides. It’s super pretty and stylish.

17. Pastel Paradise

pastel pink pixie hair cut

Pale skin and long, oval faces look exquisite with light hair colors and pixie cuts. Try a light, cotton candy pink top hair color with white sides for a punk rock glam look that you will adore.

18. Hot Pink

hot pink pixie hair cut

There’s always the bright alternative to this brilliant shade: hot pink. A bright magenta curly pixie cut can be styled with numerous accessories and products, like the lovely example above.

19. Fairy Hair

light green curly pixie cut

Love mermaid hair but you want to rock short locks? Welcome to the wonderful world of fairy hair. If your hair is naturally curly, have fun with various light shades of green and leave your roots dark for a great contrast.

20. Electric Blue

hayley williams electric blue short hair

Hayley Williams never ceases to amaze us with her eye-catching hair color choices. We love her signature fiery locks, but we have to admit that this electric blue is to die for. Think about it for your curly pixie cut.

21. Dark Side

dark turquoise curly pixie cut

Instead of settling for black hair, you can tint your locks without going over the top. A deep shade of steel blue or dark turquoise looks neat with a curly pixie cut, especially if you shave the sides of your head.

22. Curly Pixie Cut for Oval Faces

Curly Pixie Cut for Oval Faces

If you have an oval-shaped face, this is exactly the kind of curly pixie cut you want to look into. Neatly arranged but still with a messy edge, a little wavy for easy maintenance and a beautiful earth tone for its color.

23. Bangs Back

wavy pixie hair cut with bangs back

Your face is incredibly beautiful. Why wouldn’t you show it more? Brush back your curly bangs and reveal your lovely features with this pixie cut idea.

24. Bouncy Curls

bouncy curls short hair

Born with corkscrew curls? Lucky you! This means that you can chop your hair into a pixie without worrying about styling. Your curls will just naturally bounce around and you will look magnificent.

25. Afro Mohawk

afro hair mohawk

A little bit of fading and shaving never hurt a pixie cut, we can tell you that for sure. This is how you can wear an afro mohawk like a boss. Just let your curls stand out, they’re wonderful!

26. Earth Tone Ombre

short curly hair with brown ombre

Here is another ombre curly pixie cut you can try out. If your skin tone is dark, you can have tons of fun playing with earthy hair colors, like this milk chocolate brown and vivid copper.

27. Beige Lowlights

short curly hair with lowlights

This curly pixie cut glows with a rock and roll edge that few do. You know what makes it really special? Those subtle caramel lowlights that boost its dynamism.

28. Meg Ryan 90s Pixie

meg ryan short curly hair

We have to thank Meg Ryan a lot for popularizing the pixie in the 90s and visually encouraging girls with curly hair to embrace their corkscrews. More than 20 years later, Meg Ryan’s iconic hairstyle is still as hot as ever.

29. Vivid Green

bright green curly pixie cut

Bright on the bright colors! This brilliant shade of emerald looks simply wow with a curly pixie cut. If you have the courage, shave a bit of the area on the side for some authentic punk inspiration.

30. Soft and Chic

short wavy hair cut

Last but not least, you can always tone things down and go for a really natural and soft look. Your hair doesn’t necessarily have to be super curly for this – just let it fall around your face and frame your features naturally and beautifully. We love thinking out of the box and going for courageous haircuts, but a simple and tasteful style is always welcomed.

31. Chestnut Curls

Chestnut Curls

It’s just as important to decide on the color of your curly pixie cut as it is to go for the haircut itself. This luscious shade of chestnut is a beautiful way to rock natural tones with style.

32. Pixie Haircut for Thin Hair

Pixie Haircut for Thin Hair

Pixie cuts go well with both thin and thick hair. If you have thinner locks, go for a short, dynamic curly pixie cut that will bring natural volume. It’s a fabulous mix of playful and sexy in one.

33. Curls and Highlights

Curls and Highlights

Even though this is an example of a grown out pixie cut, it goes to show how stunning highlights can look on your short curly strands. They accentuate your curls all around, especially when you have a short, bouncy haircut.

34. Natural Hair Pixie

Natural Hair Pixie

A pixie haircut is one of the best options when you’re growing out your natural, afro-textured hair. It can help you contour your TWA nicely, adding curves along the sides.

35. Pixie Haircut with Accessories

Pixie Haircut with Accessories

After you get your curly pixie cut, you can start exploring the wonderful world of accessories. This type of hairstyle allows you to wear statement earrings, so have fun with bold pieces you didn’t think of when you had long hair.

36. Loose Pompadour

Loose Pompadour

Another retro pixie hairstyle is inspired by the timeless pompadour. This is a looser version, allowing you to wear it on both formal and casual occasions flawlessly.

37. Thick Hair Curly Pixie Cut

Thick Hair Curly Pixie Cut

After covering thin hair, we want to give you an example of how you can style your curly pixie cut if you have thick hair. You won’t need to put in a lot of effort, as long as the pixie is cut in a

38. Short Haircut for Women Over 40

Short Haircut for Women Over 40

If you’ve hit your 40s, that doesn’t mean you can’t remain just as glamorous as you were in your teenage years. This long, bob-like pixie cut is modern yet appropriate for women of all ages. Plus, it can be rocked with any hair color gorgeously.

39. Swept Back and Shaved

Swept Back and Shaved

Miley Cyrus has been sporting pixie cuts beautifully on and off for the past few years. This swept back one has a wavy feel about it, even though her hair isn’t naturally curly. The undercut is a major bonus for rock and roll glam.

40. Round Face Pixie Cut

Round Face Pixie Cut

A pixie haircut with long bangs stylishly swept to the side is the perfect hairstyle for gals with round faces. It doesn’t extend the width of their face, all while complementing their natural features.

41. Super Styled

Super Styled

Even though pixie haircuts are usually associated with rebellious edge, this hairstyle can also be extremely elegant. For instance, this super styled cut is suitable for any black tie event that comes up. Don’t forget the hairspray and bobby pins!

42. Pixie Undercut

Pixie Undercut

This is an excellent hairstyle for young women that want to sport short curls. The undercut provides just the right edge for teenagers, while the curly top is cute and playful.

43. Sweet Ginger

Sweet Ginger

If you’re a natural curly redhead, you should definitely keep a pixie haircut in mind when exploring ideas to change your look. Don’t even think about changing your natural hair color – it looks astounding with this short hairdo.

44. Shaved Curly Pixie Cut

Shaved Curly Pixie Cut

You can push the rebellious side of your pixie even further by shaving the sides even more. You can even shave them entirely, if it matches your preferences and personality. The long bangs are a nice finishing touch.

45. Light Brown Locks

Light Brown Locks

A curly pixie cut on light brown hair truly has a unique sense of carefree style about it. It’s almost like it has a bohemian, European touch to it that makes your full appearance all more special.

46. Finger Waves

Finger Waves

This marvelous pixie cut shines through vintage finger waves in the front. What makes the hairstyle even more original is the layered side, as well as the fab attitude you should rock with it.

47. Long Curly Asymmetrical Pixie Haircut

Curly Asymmetrical Pixie Haircut

An asymmetrical pixie cut flatters almost any face shape, from oval to round and more. Choose the side that you part your hair on to be longer, and play around with various lengths until you get the shape you desire.

48. Balayage Curly Pixie Cut

Balayage Curly Pixie Cut

If you want to blend colors in your hairstyle but don’t want the abrupt transition that ombre comes with, balayage is the answer to all your problems. On a curly pixie cut, this coloring technique outlines the curls incredibly.

49. Flat Twist Out Pixie

Flat Twist Out Pixie

Yet another way to rock a pixie cut with natural afro hair is through a flat twist out. After creating your flat twists on damp hair, unravel them and use a pick to get the height and dynamism you’ve been dreaming of.

50. Red Wine Curls

Red Wine Curls



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