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How to get perfect beachy waves for every hair length

How to get perfect beachy waves for every hair length

May 14, 2017


Love the look of undone beach hair? Us too. And since beachy waves never too stray far from the red carpet and runway, they’ve become a fashionable go-to summer look for woman everywhere. But without dazzling white sand and a crystal blue ocean to hand, you may be wondering how to get this tousled look, right? Not for long…

Whether you have medium, long or short hair, pay attention: creating beach wavy hair at home is so easy you can literally do it in your sleep. Don’t believe us? Then you’ll need to follow our 3 step-by-step beach waves hair tutorials, below, and see the results for yourself!

How to get beach waves yourself in 4 easy steps


Prep your mane.

In order to achieve dreamy, beach wave hair, you’ll need to prep your mane with a heat protectant.So, generously mist the TRESemmé Heat Defence Spray all over your strands, to help keep them safe while you use your heated styling tools.


Makes waves

Want to create beachy waves with straighteners? The secret is all in the wrist movement. Rather than continuously rotating your straightener down the hair shaft, alternate between 45 degree angle flips.Beginning at one side of your head (at eyebrow-height), feed your hair through the straightener. Fold it backwards and away from your face, and hold in place for a couple of seconds.

Now fold the hair forwards in the opposite direction, again holding for a couple of seconds. This will create a loose U-shaped beach wave. Continue the process down your hair, making sure to stop around 2 inches from the ends for a soft, natural beachy look.


Make waves part 2

For those of you with a curling wand or tong, getting beach wave hair is slightly easier.All you need to do is work on 2-3 inch sections of hair at a time, and loosely wrap your tresses around the barrel of your appliance. Holding it in place for a few seconds then release when fully curled.

Continue this process on your entire head, until you have a wavy, tousled texture. Again, remember to stop around 2 inches from the bottom for a more natural-looking finish.


Tousle your waves.

For a true beach hair-inspired style, you’ll need to add some texture into your mane. Luckily, you only need to have a bottle of the Toni&Guy Sea Salt Spray in order to imitate the look and feel of tropical sea-soaked tresses.Spritz it from root to tip and work it through with your fingers, loosening the waves until you’re happy with your beach wave hair. Honestly, is there anything a sea salt spray can’t do?


Final look.

And just like that you’ve created a beach waves hair look to die for – and just in time for holiday season, too!

How to get flirty beach hair: The twist method

stella maxwell with beach waves hair at the victoria secret event

How to get the look:

1. Begin by raking some of the VO5 Give Me Texture Effortless Wave Creation Foam through damp or dry hair. Then blowdry your mane using a diffuser to protect against humidity and bring out a natural wave.

2. After this, divide your tresses into 4 equal sections and twist each section around itself. Continue to twist until you’ve created a loose bun, securing it with some bobby pins.

Tip: Psst! If you want to really amp up the wave factor, you can spritz each section with some V05 Sea Salt Spraybefore twisting.

3. Once you’ve done this, blast each bun with your hairdryer on a medium heat.

4. Now time for the fun part: shake out your twists! Use your fingers to loosen waves and you’re all done. You did it, you total beach babe!

If you prefer to style your mane without heat, know that if you do it before you go to bed, you can wake up with mermaid-worthy waves in the morning! Easy peasy, eh?

How to get beach waves on short hair

model with short beach hair look smilling

Thought your cropped tresses meant you had to miss out on this trend? Not anymore! Creating beachy waves in short hair is effortless: just follow the curling method above if you have a long pixie cut, or the straightening method if you have bob or lob-length tresses!

Editor’s tip: To make sure your short, beach wave hair look stays put, spritz a small amount of the TRESemmé Perfectly (un)Done Ultra Brushable Hairspray throughout your mane. This will ensure you have soft-looking curls with tonnes of natural movement!

model with headband and beachy waves wearing white and smiling
Beach wave hair looks gorgeous with hair accessories!

Now sit tight, because we haven’t told you the best part about this beach wavy hair style yet. Aside from being super quick to create, it can easily be dressed up for a formal occasion, too!

Whether you decide to partner your pretty waves with flowers or a sparkly headband is all up to you, just know you’ll be causing head to turn wherever you go.


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