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Learn how to do a French twist in 3 different ways

Learn how to do a French twist in 3 different ways

May 17, 2017



How to do a French twist on long hair

Classic, timeless, elegant, sophisticated; these are all words often associated with French style. And guess what? With a French twist, you’re going to get all of above and so much more! So, channel your inner Hitchcock heroine and follow the steps below on how to do a French twist with long hair.

Tease your hair.

Time to get your teasing comb at the ready. Gently tease your hair using the comb to create texture and volume, repeating the process until you’ve teased the top half of your mane.Don’t be alarmed by the appearance of your hair at this point, it’s a good sign if it looks big!

Gather your hair.

Gently gather your hair as if you were about to create a loose ponytail, keeping the top bouffant.Try to be light with your touch, as you don’t want to undo all your hard work by flattening your teased hair!

Secure your hair.

Begin to pin your hair, placing 2 crossed bobby pins on the left side and the top.

Twist and roll.

Now for the pièce de résistance, it’s time to create your French twist!

Carefully roll the end of your hair into itself, remembering to roll it towards the side that you previously pinned. Secure your twist using more bobby pins and you’re done!

How to do a French twist vintage updo

We happen to think every girl should know how to master at least one vintage hairstyle. Why? Vintage hairstyles always come back in fashion and we have a sneaky feeling that the classic French twist is ready for a modern upgrade.

So, get ready to create the contemporary French twist updo in just 5 simple steps!

Part your hair from ear-to-ear. Then clip away your front section while you work on the back. Tease your hair at the roots then brush the lengths to create a smooth base.

How to do a half-up, half-down French twist

Thought it was impossible to learn how to do a French twist on mid-length hair? Contrary to popular belief, this elegant updo isn’t just reserved for those with Rapunzel-like tresses!

However, if an updo is not your style – or you want a hairstyle that’s more relaxed – why not try a half-up, half-down hairstyle?

Prep hair.

The French twist can be done on freshly washed or second-day hair. In general, second-day hair has a bit more texture which can help with the overall vintage look and feel of the style.But if you feel your locks could do with a boost between washes, use the Bed Head by TIGI Oh Bee Hive Dry Shampoo to refersh and revivie your strands.

Begin to curl hair.

Now, using a curling wand with a medium-sized barrel, create loose waves in your hair and allow them to cool.There is no need to be super precious over your curls, as undone waves will only add to this nonchalant style.

To build up texture, height and body, tease your hair with a teasing brush.Simply lift hair up at the crown and gently backcomb the section. Continue doing this process to the middle section of your crown.

If your locks are still limp after backcombing, get a helping hand by reaching for some TRESemmé 24 Hour Body Plumping Powder, which creates instant root lift for sky high styles.

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